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Hello everyone !

Welcome to my first blog. There are many types of people in this world. Some of them believe in luck and some of them in karma. But if I talk about myself, I fully believe in karma, that everything depends on our karma. One does not get fruit without doing the deed, like a deer does not enter the sleeping lion’s mouth itself, but the lion has to hunt. So here we are discussing on karma and the luck. How karma and luck is not dependant but also somewhere it is………(those who believe in luck instead of doing deed) And along with this, I will sometimes get you all to read my poems and also get a chance to know my thoughts.


22 thoughts on “Hello everyone !

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  1. Hello Sonal.
    Keep them coming, your thoughts, poems and views. Wish a happy journey on blogging.
    Whatever you are doing in your life, enjoy it. And never forget to smile. 😊

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      1. I was kidding, I cannot stop you from doing anything. Enjoy the time.
        And thank you reading my blog posts. Wonderful to interact with you.

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  2. After seeing your post I am sharing few line’s of Tulsidas Ji

    प्रारब्ध पहले रचा
    पीछे रचा शरीर
    तुलसी चिन्ता क्यों करे
    भज ले श्री रघुबीर

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      1. The best explanation of Tulsidas line is Newton third law of motion.
        Every Action Has An Equal And Opposite Reaction. Your Destiny depends upon your karma. So, don’t be afraid.

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      2. Ohh waaw…. thats amazing… yes every action has an equal and opposite reaction….. absolutely true….. dear…. destiny depends upon our karma. 🙂🙂💕🙏🌱… thnku so much for this beautiful lines…. dear..

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