Is there anything like fate?

In this fast moving era it is difficult to be in positivity. As we all know the fast prevailing technology and the hush time we hardly get time to be with our owns. So here we will have a talk on this.

Stop! stop! stop! Stop thinking the unnecessary things in your mind. My today’s topic is based on luck and karma.

Is luck exist? U have seen? Where it is? How it look like? Ohh stop this. As i know there is no luck type in this world. I’m giving you a instance on this If the lion slept, it would think that the food itself goes in my mouth, is it possible?… no its not possible at all. To let anything happened you must act lest there will be no result. Action speaks not the luck.

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  1. बंधु बिना पढ़ें लाइक की आवश्यकता ही क्या है। मैं फॉलो और लाइक के लिए नहीं पाठकों के समक्ष अच्छी लेख देने के लिए आया हूँ। आप बिना पढ़े लाइक न दें निवेदन है आपसे आभार🙏

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    1. Dear friend,
      Heartily I want to say that I have not liked your writing without reading it. Even before this, I have seen your blog posts and have also read them. If I had commented on your blog posts, you probably would have believed this. Although you will not be of any great benefit by my one like or comment on your article, but I felt that if you are encouraging me and liking my articles, so I should also do so now….. so its a humble request to you Do not think so. I respect you as a writer and read your writings. Please don’t think that you like our writing because you need our likes and comments. You are not in need with anyone’s comments, we know this. So pls its my humble request to that don’t think so.🙂🙏

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      1. शुक्रिया बंधु🙏 मैं बिना पढ़े समझे कोई कमेंट नहीं देता आपकी लाइक एक के बाद एक आने लगी तो मुझे ऐसा प्रतीत हूँ। उसके लिए मैं माफ़ी चाहूंगा। हार्दिक आभार🙏

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      2. Koi nahi.🙂🙏 Hume pata hai ap kisi ke like ya comment ke mohtaj nahi hai. Par maine apke lekh ko padha hai samjha hai bhi hai. Mai bina pdhe koi pratikriya nahi deti. 🙂🙂🙏🙏

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      3. जी आपका सहृदय आभार🙏 आशा करता हूँ आपके कुछ हिंदी लेख अवश्य पढ़ने को प्राप्त होंगे।

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