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Three signs of a good relation we all should know

Hello everyone,

How are you all?i hope you all are doing well and going fantastic in your lives.

Here, my today’s topic is entirely based on the major three portent we all should mind and inculcate in our own lives to build our lives as much as beautiful as we all can.

Build your life as nature say❤️
we all are here to find a piece of mind, piece of unheard calmness for that we all are awaited till now.

So, lemme let you all know about these three portent that we all must know.

Respect, Respect should be the inner nature of everyone and when we start respecting someone’s mood, we also do not give any internal grief. Its true enough to know that we all should respect each other. We don’t have any right to hurt any one mentally or we can say physically. Everyone has their own feelings, thoughts, inner whimsical, the personality, the character, nature, way of thinking, their view points ….. so, we all should respect other’s personality.

Putting our own thoughts against someone’s is pretty different but insulting someone’s thoughts using miswords is genuinely not worthing.



When we start respecting someone wholly and nicely the person her/himself start trusting us there is no need of anything else to do further to make them believe in us or to make them forcefully trust us. No need of this act.

If we will respect someone, if we will started talking someone respectively, respectfully the person itself start trusting in us.

And now the life began…… ❤️


After respect and trustees the third portent is love…..

Now see how these three words are being connected to each other and forming a beautiful cycle which can make our lives so beautiful.

And when someone starts to trust you, then love will be on its own.

So, we can see here how a beautiful relationship starts. Everything depends on us.

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10 thoughts on “Three signs of a good relation we all should know

Add yours

    1. Ohh god… it a surprise…. 😱😍🙂🙂🙂🌱💕… i didn’t expected this….. its really… awesome for me.. thanku so much friend…. can i do it by tomorrow??


  1. I missed your profound posts Sonal. I remember you describing yourself as obstinate. On the contrary, I find you to be filled with wisdom. To be obstinate about righteousness is a very powerful quality. Please don’t loose it

    Liked by 1 person

    1. My pleasure dear sir. Really I’m feeling happy alot having you here… and i wish you be here even further…. ❤️.. yes I’m obstinate…. and i heartily thanku for finding this in me.thanku so much dear sir for finding me right and accepting me my thoughts… this is the biggest praise till now for me❤️❤️🙏💕…

      Liked by 1 person

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