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It is all about….❤️

Painting by sonal mishra❤️

Hey folks! How are you’ll? Its been a long ago i guess i was here last time. It was really a long distance. But yeah today again I’m here. Lots of things came to my mind and still its going on and on. I’m happy that I’m a favourable notion holder. Being an optimistic personality i always went through the good side and strived my best to inculcate some favourable even from the unfavourable stuffs.

So finally coming to the point, as we’ll know during this on going worldwide pandemic outbreak of fetal corona we’ll are still suffering to it.

Being a human being and the most intelligent living being among all the living being all over the world we ought to have some responsibility towards our god gifted nature.

We and our nature not a substitute at all instead we both are complementary to each other. We need nature, the resources, the stuffs and all the natural god gifted things to survive into this world. Infact we are born to it. Our body needs all those stuffs which nature holds. Similarly nature needs us. We both are complementary to each other.

So what are you up to guys! Start planting, pour water, let them grow gradually and live your lives naturally instead of facilitating your owns with the artificial stuffs, devices.

Nature is somewhat our god exactly. We are connected to this nature, no way we can say that its not for us.. no not at all.

So let your boonies feel your thirst, as everyone has a desert. ❤️

Be cool, sleep sound, get up well, stay at home, safe and sound friend. Love you’ll ❤️

Instagram: @sonaltheartist


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