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The biggest art.

Painting by sonal mishra.

Hey fellas, elders and the young ones my lot’s of live to you all. I wish you are happy and doing fantastic these days. Myself facing health issues but yeah i am recovering asap.

I’m the admirer of “Gautam buddha”..whenever i feel choking in any worst situation i throw my inner self into the feet of gautam buddha and then i come back with full of luster, zeal, confidence, power and full esteemed personality to which i always owe to my inner self for making me much stronger as I’m today.

I owe to my parents for letting me worship Gautam buddha.

I’m going to narrate a bit tale to how to control your self and the biggest art of this universe

One boy was extremely curious. anywhere he got to study something new, he become prepared to learn it speedy. as soon as he discovered to make three from an arrow maker, found out to make a boat from a boat builder, discovered to build a residence from a residence builder, found out to play the flute from a flute. in this manner he became a hit in lots of arts. however at the equal time a touch ego got here in him. He would frequently tell his circle of relatives and friends – “There will be no wealthy man of skills like me in this complete international”.

once, Gautama Buddha arrived in that city. when he heard approximately the art of the boy as well as his ego, he idea in his mind that this boy ought to study such an art, which is bigger than all of the arts discovered until now. They went to him with a vessel of alms.

The boy asked – who’re you? Buddha said, i am a human being self-control of my body. The boy asked him to make clear his point once more. Then the Buddha said – The arrow that is aware of to transport, that arrow movements. The boat which is thought to the public is floated. The residence that is constructed with the aid of the public is built. however the knowledgeable person, it’s far the folks who rule themselves.

The boy asked – how is that? The Buddha replied that if someone praises him, he does no longer become glad with pleasure, and even if someone condemns him, he stays calm and such someone is usually in bliss.

After taking note of Buddha, the boy found out that the biggest artwork is to subdue himself.

The essence of the story is that when self control is achieved, it makes us glad in each favorable and negative situations.

Thank you for reading this tale. I hope you’ll earn some values, some courtesy and also some therapeutical essence for your upcoming phase.

Instagram : @sonaltheartist

Lots of love❤️

Stay safe and sound… 🌻🌻🌻


10 thoughts on “The biggest art.

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  1. My admiration to you Sonal. Buddha
    also said:
    “Mind is a beautiful servant, but a dangerous master.”
    “Believe in yourself and no one & nothing can stop you.”
    Greetings 💕🙂🌸

    Liked by 1 person

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