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Still alive

Well, i couldn’t remember when i was here last time. It was a time millennia i guess. Wishing you a beautiful new year pals.

So today I’m here to let you’ll know that i have started writing fiction stories along with the beginning of this new year.

Original painting by sonal mishra

So here we go,

Today I’m on no luck. From getting up from my bed till getting ready for the office along my lunch which I have to prepare it myself daily is a big task, isn’t?
As usual I was on my way of reaching my office as soon as possible. Hell yeah there is the biometric system is prevailing to which we can’t hide ourselves at all from getting late. So it has to be there on exact time man.

Meanwhile, by the time I depart from my residence I keep an eye if I can see someone who is hungry or need vitals materials or else so each day I prepare spare meals along with mine. There was a girl my eyes went on her that day. She was with her messy hair, unbalanced cloths, barefooted. I can extremely go to the depth of her emotions a bit of dull, watering eyes corner of it a bit of red in hope if she could get some food to survive her self and make her stomach a bit of calm. It is really harsh cruel reality of our system. Isn’t?…

That day I found her a bit of smiling when she saw me holding a small plastic bag in my hand. She has the exact idea what is that within it. She was happy. I used to provide her food almost daily but I no longer able to find her today. Although I reached my office. Went on from the biometric. Looking forward to commencing my daily task. But my mind was with her only. I don’t know why I couldn’t help myself get away from her thoughts.

Hey Shona how have you been today? With full of dull eyes my eyes went to her eyes. It was like I’ll cry in a go. She held me. I used to tell all of those stuffs I went through my daily life. I told her you remember that girl. I found her, she was Hungary. I no longer saw her today. I don’t know where did she go. What she is eating right now I’m just messed up from all these things thinking and thinking. My brain is not working at all. She made calm and stated aww is this the issue? I see. Why not you go and find her after getting over the office. Isn’t would be great? Oh yeah I can. Thank god.

You help me out on this girl. As soon as my office over I hired an auto my eyes searching for that girl I hope of if I could find her. I was restless, it was something happening into my stomach, where she is, where did she go. Oh god! help me find her. By the second I was just crossing the road I saw a leg into the bushes I cried out and shouted at the driver uncle stop stop. I just ran away to that I was crying to the fullest. She was ruined… she was raped she was raped.. my eyes were burning into the angry to the extent of my aggression. I touched her in a fear if she is no more. Oh god! that auto driver uncle came to me helped me to make her sit into my lap. She has the senses still. She is alive he checked her veins touching her neck. She is alive. She is…

“Her lips were broken, turned,
it was her life skin to bone…
Bleeding her life in front of my eyes,
trying her best to see this cruel world still”.
I know she can be alive and can make those monsters feel the same.

In this world what else could I expect more. Each and every day I went through the newspapers headlines. My brain has gone. Becoming sick. Why this cruelty is emerging in this world, why not all are trying to comprehend all women if they are their own ones. Why not? I’m fed up to god.

We both took her to the hospital covering her nudes from my scarf. Finely. It was like we couldn’t even cover her finely she was bleeding, her legs got fractured she can’t even able to stand her on her own.. She was broken. I wanted to cry screaming loud to the fullest but I didn’t, thinking to myself why I’ll show my tears to anybody… to this world..? Who raped this girl till the death… but she is alive, she will be until I’m here in this world. I was in my full rage and zeal of aggression beyond the measures. I had some money I paid for her treatment and the spare meal I made for her, I gave her so that she could be able to have her medicine. She was silent.. Expecting minus from me or else.

The whole night I was there. Looking at her wounds… and the plenty of cuts she was carrying with herself. Isn’t she felt pain? It was going on my mind time and again. Isn’t she?
My jaws my throat was in full pain in order to stop my tears. I was just trying to show myself steady in front of her, so she can have some hope that there is someone for me.

It was early morning. I wake up. Looking outside the window don’t know what she was trying to find out or thinking to herself. Oh, its morning god have to reach my office… she looked back at me, you can go ‘DI’ I’m fine over here. My eyes full of tears when I listened to her voice. I sat next to her closely. She put her head on my bosom to hold me tightly she was screaming controlling herself not let anyone hear her crying. I hold her too tightly, gently. Rubbing her head. Kissed on her forehead. She head up and saw me I wiped her tears, I’ll come soon to you at eve till then you have to be happy. Trust me. No one will touch you without my permission. I made her comprehend she has to take her medication on time. Have to have her food on time. She replied smiling okay siso. I smiling back. Washing my face making my hair look a good one taking all my stuffs I was going to my office. Again I passed that place where she was thrown. It hit my mind. My anger was on the top of the world.

By sonal mishra
Artist, writer, poetess.

Your feedback is important to me. ❤️


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