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Your PAIN must be VISIBLE.

art by sonal mishra.

In this era nobody wants to know how someone is sustaining, they just want their business, their stuffs to be at good way, life should go smoothly to the best facilities they could avail. And all people could do is to pretend. They say they want to help others, help other people just for the showoffs not for the reality. They are the people who say, make them have water who are thirsty, make them have food who are Hungary, make them have dwellings who don’t have it… But that are those same people who also want to see the Poverty, pain, hunger, thirst. If i say I’m in pain then my pain should be visible to you, my hunger, my thirst must be in visible form. I should be in bad situation, then only people could able to know that yeah she is really in pain, she really doesn’t have house, she is really hungry. These days people want to see your pain. If you say you are in pain, suffering and going through bad financial are ill, you don’t have a job to feed your family, you need support then you should have that capability to make other people see your pain and afflictions because saying and telling would not be enough for them. It must be visibly as well as.

People don’t want correlate themselves to their own self. These days they just want to be the best but they don’t want to know how to do that.

Yeah this is the cruel reality we all are facing in this false era. These days art is not art, love is not love, soul is not soul, instead these are just the craves to copy others and paste it within yourself. That’s the matter now but it’s not the deal. There are 7.9 billion people dwelling into this earth planet. They say they want to be social the say they are generous, they say they are kind and wise but while it come to implement and to put your action in forth to the big mob they give up on it. Why is this so? Because we have the guts to say, speak, commit in form of words but we don’t have that zeal guts that will put our words into action.
We can relate it to as an art form.

These days People are lacking patience within themselves and compassion towards rest of the world.

How our life goes on and how we put it in to the real action and we live long way.

Whenever we hear about an artist, whether it is music or soul knowledge or philosophy or any book written or it is about dance, whatever is the art, art can be anything. So we hear where he was born, where did he belong or what was his upbringing and then when did he die. When we die people say soul is immortal, it is mortal only this body. It is also heard that when someone dies, that soul enters the body of another human being. People start telling the age of the artist, when he was born and when he died. I think this is a bit indigestible.

We breathe because there is a soul inside us, we are alive only then, our heart is also beating, hands and feet, all other organs are doing their work. The brain is also understanding that it is supervising other organs.

Because we still have the soul which has made us alive. Because of which the heart is beating, we are alive due to the beating of the heart, and the brain is also working, the mind itself is generating the thought, the art of thinking because we think, imagine through the brain, then our hands join us in this If we are painters, then if we are writers, then intellect, emotions, and our hands, if we are dancers, then our whole body, mind and wealth, then in this way the credit for all these goes to our soul only. Why, isn’t it?

So the soul is immortal, only the body is mortal, so all the creations that have arisen from that soul and the giver of those creations have also become immortal? Is not it? Whenever those compositions will be seen, read and heard by the people, their age will increase more and more. Age belongs to the body, the soul is immortal and every art created by that soul is also immortal.

By sonal mishra



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