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A born creative artist❤️
Spirit💫😘, Environment lover🌱🌾
Stubborn👧,Sketch artist✏️
Singer🎶🎤🎧,Chess player♚♛
Love to go ahead in life👣

Everybody in this world has their own personality, their way of thinking and the so many aspects….. so here are some of my own point of views, my thoughts which I’m gonna put before you all and i wish and it’s my strong inner whimsical that definitely uh oll gonna like and love it😊😊😊😊😊😊❤️🌱🌾After reading my words, if the heart of some people is also happy, they understand something, they find their right path, then I will be blessed, How wrong is going on earth, how much is right, I do not guess in the figures, but I can definitely say that in this Kalyuga, I must say something right.This is the only purpose that I’m here on this platform to explore my thoughts among all of you.

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  1. Life is beautiful with all unique people who develop their spiritual possibilities and make world better place. Art is one of these wonderful results. You are on the right path. Thank you for your art Sonal.

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  2. I’m humbled from your words. Your each and every word is means alot to me. I’m feeling privileged by your words… .you find myself right and boosted my morale. Thank you very much for this. I will continue my art even further. My confidence has increased even more with your words.️Keep your blessings on me like that. ❤️💕💕🙂🌱🙏

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    1. I got it!❤️… its an immense pleasure cum privilege to me from you dear lady😘❤️…. i apologize for the late read. I was busy in some work. Today i got time and you surprised me🌱… Thank you so much dear lady…. sure I’ll commence working very soon on it. Once again thanking you heartily 🙏💕

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