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Your PAIN must be VISIBLE.

art by sonal mishra. In this era nobody wants to know how someone is sustaining, they just want their business, their stuffs to be at good way, life should go smoothly to the best facilities they could avail. And all people could do is to pretend. They say they want to help others, help... Continue Reading →

Every art created by that soul is also immortal🌱.

Art by @sonaltheartist Whenever we hear about an artist, whether it is music or soul knowledge or philosophy or any book written or it is about dance, whatever is the art, art can be anything. So we hear where he was born, where did he belong or what was his upbringing and then when did... Continue Reading →


sketch portrait by @sonalmishra_artist Action might be mightier than the words,But the action who is mightier can be proved only if it is committed once, and the words can be mightier only when they are measured and served. Choking might be mightier than to express, but the choke who is mightier can be drawn only... Continue Reading →

Still alive

Well, i couldn't remember when i was here last time. It was a time millennia i guess. Wishing you a beautiful new year pals. So today I'm here to let you'll know that i have started writing fiction stories along with the beginning of this new year. Original painting by sonal mishra So here we... Continue Reading →

The biggest art.

Painting by sonal mishra. Hey fellas, elders and the young ones my lot's of live to you all. I wish you are happy and doing fantastic these days. Myself facing health issues but yeah i am recovering asap. I'm the admirer of "Gautam buddha"..whenever i feel choking in any worst situation i throw my inner... Continue Reading →

It is all about….❤️

Painting by sonal mishra❤️ Hey folks! How are you'll? Its been a long ago i guess i was here last time. It was really a long distance. But yeah today again I'm here. Lots of things came to my mind and still its going on and on. I'm happy that I'm a favourable notion holder.... Continue Reading →

Kindling my notions

Painting by sonal mishra From fantasy to the teen we compose our dream to the biggest, and our notion has a concrete persistence in our life to the fullest.Inspite of the despondencies, we do our best to cope up, and keep constant our own zeal to not to give up.we usually notion to be done... Continue Reading →


Painting by sonal mishra A fervour to kiss to at least one, An intense eagerness of getting that during me, To which i’m fascinated beyond the manner.. Let your notion fly in the wind, let us unlock your hidden mastership, commence confiding your gest and compose your zeal to the fullest. Come to me, hold... Continue Reading →

Inequality still exists.

It's my type request to all the manhood that please show up some appreciate toward the womanhood. Lady are not any showpiece or an item of amusement. She is also a human like you are. All of us are humans on this planet. As we all realize there is no preference that a person can... Continue Reading →

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