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Kindling my notions

Painting by sonal mishra From fantasy to the teen we compose our dream to the biggest, and our notion has a concrete persistence in our life to the fullest.Inspite of the despondencies, we do our best to cope up, and keep constant our own zeal to not to give up.we usually notion to be done... Continue Reading →

The hypocrisy of double personality.

Painting by sonal mishra. I on occasion have pity on those humans, those women and men, knowing that after attempting all the hints, they get dirt in the eyes of the human beings and in reality it's miles a very big artwork. Which we must also look into. Human beings don't know what they are... Continue Reading →

Inequality still exists.

It's my type request to all the manhood that please show up some appreciate toward the womanhood. Lady are not any showpiece or an item of amusement. She is also a human like you are. All of us are humans on this planet. As we all realize there is no preference that a person can... Continue Reading →

Do definitely things occur as we need?

made by sonal mishra I have been seeking out an opportunity to which I can be capable of allow me permit to accomplish that one aim to which i'm looking for an extended in the past. But nonetheless i am suffering. We usually make plans for somehow very matters. Plans for a happy holiday, weekend,... Continue Reading →


sketch by sonal mishra Why I want your interest? Why I need your heed? Why i want you even? So many thoughts are arriving into my small mind and without a doubt i am feeling suffocated today. As continually i am here earlier than you may to allow me introduce to you'll my mind over... Continue Reading →


Painting by sonal mishra. Colorations….. Makes our lives blossom…Whilst fade makes a self emphasis to have a idea on what we all ought to be has a tendency on…Instead being so colored. Whilst being diminished. A outstanding option do we opt. Striving to the fullest on the closing…Our likes dislike topics on us.Instead being concerned... Continue Reading →


Painting by sonal mishra I love the way you see me,Wanna be with you, you wanna feel me? I'm curious bout you to be in your arms,Let me be with you in whole of your charm…. . I had the fond, i have my words, commitment, called enough,Though its a part of our beloving bonding….... Continue Reading →


Sketch by sonal mishra Let your boonies feel your thirst,As everyone has a desert............ Lorn and lorn in the lives,Feeling godforsaken inner side...... Eschewing my apprehensions… to the edge.......Off-the-shelf intent to the best...... . How i have grown up, eschewed the worries,Together with my all the initialities…….. . . Stay blessed Stay safe and sound........ Continue Reading →

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