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The hypocrisy of double personality.

Painting by sonal mishra.

I on occasion have pity on those humans, those women and men, knowing that after attempting all the hints, they get dirt in the eyes of the human beings and in reality it’s miles a very big artwork. Which we must also look into. Human beings don’t know what they are saying. By means of making any issue an problem, even though they’ve their very own opinions and arguments on the contrary, they arrive all the way down to the cloak and in reality it’s miles a remember worth thinking about. Sometimes I do no longer understand in which such a lot of brains are from where? They need to both have a huge treasure trove of lies or they will consider in beating the lie with out revealing their personality. What is your opinion ?

At the most, they may be the equal category of people who themselves put a heap of lies and then themselves think that brother has lied so much now what to do now?

In their non-public lives, these people are doing or doing the identical things or towards whom they’re elevating their voices and throwing dust in the eyes of the human beings. If it’s miles seen surely, it’s miles known as texture. What is going on inside the world, who is speakme on what and what’s being mentioned in the world, after reading all these items, these people attain the same conclusion that we too may be with them. At the same time as doing these things are the same matters against which the voices are being raised. How actual these people emerge as two personalities is past comprehension.

I came to know of one such being who changed into doing the equal thing in its life, even in its non-public life, this changed into its task. I might now not like to mark it here. And then it is trying to throw dirt round the world or by means of looking to woo humans within the eyes of human beings by means of a few method. Because everyone has their proper in life, in recent times every person can do some thing they want due to the fact anybody has their personal non-public likes and dislikes however I can not forestall speakme all this here and anyplace i get a risk.

I do now not recognize whilst these people can be unwise who incorrect themselves with others, malign them physically and mentally, and display in front of human beings how a great deal i’m in opposition to all this stuff. Fill what you need to do. After the time and before time a few invoice is not viable, considering this reality, i hope that fact will succeed over evil and there may be a need.

I’m signing off here for now.

Stay safe and sound dear folks!

Instagram : @sonaltheartist


28 thoughts on “The hypocrisy of double personality.

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  1. The theory of double standard comes when there is a hint of enviness generated for your closed ones over a period of time and later turned into jeolousy and retrates to dual standard,thnaks for the creation and inovations and that the painting effort friend..

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    1. Consent. But it is somehow beyond this also. It is not important that they are our own ones to those these ppl are generation evils or being jealous. It can be anyone, anywhere who are something else infront of a mob and something else with that being to whom they are doing the same for which they are pretending themselve against of it.

      Thank you so much for giving it a read friend 🙂🌱

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      1. Np at all,I always make a constant effort to read your blogs,specially your paintings, including others friend as well so as to get going with each other ,thanks for being with trendystories,lets support each other blogs so to cross millions a mile together,good day

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      2. Thank you so much once again. I heartily appreciating your invaluable effort friend. It means alot.

        For sure! It would be great to support each other.

        Stay connected stay safe and sound. 🌱🙂

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  2. Yes, there are those who present one side to one group and another side to another group. Oftentimes the side presented is the one they believe to be wanted at the time. It is no reflection on you. It is just the way some are. Someone seems to have created some grief for you, I am sorry. Just know, you cannot change another person, only he/she can do that. I shall keep you in my prayers! Blessings, Sonal!

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    1. You’re a mindreader my lady. You guessed right. But you know what there are few people of double face actually. They themselve do that sin, wrong deed, malign, give pain to others and before the people they show that they are also against of those things but meanwhile on the other side they are performing those wrong acts.

      Men are men, there are women also in this queue.

      By the way thank you so much for your blessings dear lady. ❤️😘😘😘… i know i can’t change anyone i know…. But then it hurts when someone does that too when a woman does this.

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